Why the Dreaded "Sync" Button is Designed to Ruin Your Backup

Services like Dropbox offer not only to store your files but a hundred other features of varying usefulness. One of those features is even working against its own purpose! Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded “sync” button. It looks friendly, but it can be downright evil!

The Sync Button Pretends to Backup

As a user, you think the sync button is there to help you, when in fact it is there to help the cloud provider only. You think it will help you backup your files and at first, that is exactly how it works.

Little do you know, that it is only tricking you into believing in its benevolence when in fact it is far from that.

See, you know that sync stands for synchronize and that synchronizing two different folders of files, means they should contain the same files. So you imagine putting files in your local folder and then they appear in your cloud folder. Success, right? Wrong!

Yes, that happens at first, but it’s all part of a plot to trick you.

How they Ruin Your Backup

What happens when you run out of space on your local folder, whether it’s on your laptop or on a phone? You must delete something or stop taking new pictures. 

But when something really important is happening right in front of you and you have to capture this memory – but you are out of space on your phone, then you will frantically delete something and make space for those new photos.

Good thing you had that cloud backup with the clever sync button, right? No, that devil just sync’ed your deleted photo, meaning it is deleted in the cloud as well and gone forever!

Why they ruin backup for you

In short, they don’t care about you very much.

They care about you using their service and paying for it, and then they care about you not costing them too much. This is where the sync button comes in. By linking your cloud storage to your local storage, they create a natural limit for how much you can store. When you run out of space on your hard drive it means you won’t be storing more in the cloud either.

How Myra Cloud is different

Quite simply, there is no sync button in Myra Cloud. We do not sync your files. We only help you backup your files so you never lose them. We really, really want to solve this problem for you.

Myra Cloud is not a charity, but we have seen first hand how our users reward us by upgrading to Premium when they experience how Myra Cloud has solved, once and for all, the question of how to keep your most precious photo memories safe.


A totally free photo backup service with 100 GB free space. Enough for about 10,000 photos in Full HD

No! With Myra Cloud you always maintain the original resolution that the photo was shot in. We automatically make smaller versions as well so you can more easily and quickly browse your photos.

The expensive part is the infrastructure to handle global scale and that is already done. Space is in itself not very expensive and we hope of course some people upgrade to Premium or order the occasional photo book.

For starters, the you get 50 times more free space in Myra Cloud than in Dropbox and if you need more, that’s cheaper too. Also, if you don’t want the whole world to see your private family pictures, then Dropbox might not be a good choice, as it’s scattered with “Share” buttons that no one is really sure how exactly works.

Facebook will decrease your photo quality to a level where it is unusable for print. Myra Cloud will not decrease your photo quality at all and you will maintain the original quality that the photo was shot in!

Good question. Google has a good offering with Google Photos, but if you are interested in storing full resolution photos at low cost, then Myra Cloud is the clear winner. You get 5 times more free space and when you run out, Myra Cloud is still about 3 times cheaper.

Another reason you might prefer Myra Cloud is that Google Photos is just so feature heavy that it is very slow and seems no longer to be about your photos. Myra Cloud is focused on giving a FAST browsing experience, even on low end laptops.

Not today, but very soon. Videos are not the main focus of Myra Cloud, but we will definitely support uploading videos, playing them back and downloading them again.

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