• For personal photo backup
  • 100 GB space for free!
  • About 10,000 photos in Full HD

Myra Cloud offers more than twice as much free space as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Photos

$3 TB/month
  • Use commercially for any purpose
  • Only $3 per TERABYTE
  • Enriched by Artificial Intelligence

Myra Cloud is less than half the price of Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Photos.

All plans include
  • Browse your photos
  • Incredibly fast, even on low-end computers
  • Make photobooks and other print products
  • Maintain original resolution!
  • App for iOS and Android to backup automatically

True backup

Upload your photos here and delete them from your own computer to save space (other services provide a "sync" feature that require you to store the files on your own computer as well)


Myra Cloud is truly private and for your eyes only. It is not scattered with "Share" functions that leaves you wondering whether others can see the things you upload.


All your photos are backed up on at least 3 separate physical storage devices and can never be lost.

More Free Space

With Myra Cloud you get anywhere between 20 and 100 times more free space than you do in Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Photos.

Cheaper Extra Space

When you need extra space it costs less than half of Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Photos.