Never use Google Photos if you have Gmail

Google is offering a good service for backing up photos, but it comes with other problems than being slow and clunky. It may block your email!

The issue is best illustrated here.

“If you run out of storage you may not be able to send and receive emails”

OK, Google, we get it – you want us to buy expensive space in your cloud. It may come as quite a surprise for some Gmail users when they start using Google Photos. They may think they have plenty of space for emails and they would be right, but the measly 15 GB offered by Google is quickly spent on uploading photos.

And by Googles own admission, the consequence is not only that your precious photos are no longer backed up, but also that you may not be able to send and receive emails! 

How Myra Cloud is different

First of all, Myra Cloud offers 100 GB free space, so you have more than 5 times more space before you have to consider buying extra space.

Even if you do exceed the limit in Myra Cloud, it is a soft limit and you will be able to continue backing up more files for a while, so you have time to decide what you want to do without risking loss of data.

If you do run out of space, Myra Cloud is significantly cheaper, approximate half the cost of Google.

But more importantly, backing up your photos in Myra Cloud does not come at the risk of accidentally losing important emails!

Come on, Google, it seems you’re forgetting your users are real people and not only do you have a responsibility to protect their data, but blocking a completely unrelated service (Gmail) is unreasonable, almost blackmail!


A totally free photo backup service with 100 GB free space. Enough for about 10,000 photos in Full HD

No! With Myra Cloud you always maintain the original resolution that the photo was shot in. We automatically make smaller versions as well so you can more easily and quickly browse your photos.

The expensive part is the infrastructure to handle global scale and that is already done. Space is in itself not very expensive and we hope of course some people upgrade to Premium or order the occasional photo book.

For starters, the you get 50 times more free space in Myra Cloud than in Dropbox and if you need more, that’s cheaper too. Also, if you don’t want the whole world to see your private family pictures, then Dropbox might not be a good choice, as it’s scattered with “Share” buttons that no one is really sure how exactly works.

Facebook will decrease your photo quality to a level where it is unusable for print. Myra Cloud will not decrease your photo quality at all and you will maintain the original quality that the photo was shot in!

Good question. Google has a good offering with Google Photos, but if you are interested in storing full resolution photos at low cost, then Myra Cloud is the clear winner. You get 5 times more free space and when you run out, Myra Cloud is still about 3 times cheaper.

Another reason you might prefer Myra Cloud is that Google Photos is just so feature heavy that it is very slow and seems no longer to be about your photos. Myra Cloud is focused on giving a FAST browsing experience, even on low end laptops.

Not today, but very soon. Videos are not the main focus of Myra Cloud, but we will definitely support uploading videos, playing them back and downloading them again.

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