Make a Photo Book with Your Photos in Myra Cloud

Many people have started using Myra Cloud and enjoying 100 GB free space, enough for years of full resolution photos!

And then what? It seems like an anti climax but that is how a backup service should be. You back up your photos so have them for eternity and do not have to worry about that, so you can always find them later.

Use your photo backup for a photo book

Another way to keep your photos available to you when you want to take a walk down memory lane is by putting them in a photo book.

The photos kept in Myra Cloud are perfect for that, because they are always kept in the original resolution that they were uploaded in and can look great on print!

As opposed to photos found on Facebook – you may discover old memories on Facebook and want to use them for a photo book.  But you can’t. It’s too late. Facebook already decreased the resolution of your photos and they will look ugly in a photo book.

So that’s a great advantage to keeping your photo memories in Myra Cloud. When photos are stored in full resolution, they can be printed and Myra Cloud goes one step further.

As of today, the first beta testers are going to be able to design their own photo book using photos directly from their Myra Cloud account. The convenience is unbeatable and people are setting up photo books in 5 to 10 minutes! Something that used to take hours, first finding the photos, then uploading them and meticulously inserting them in a photo book.

Contact us at if you are interested in participating in the beta test of photo book design. The offer to participate expires 1st of May 2019. 


A totally free photo backup service with 100 GB free space. Enough for about 10,000 photos in Full HD

No! With Myra Cloud you always maintain the original resolution that the photo was shot in. We automatically make smaller versions as well so you can more easily and quickly browse your photos.

The expensive part is the infrastructure to handle global scale and that is already done. Space is in itself not very expensive and we hope of course some people upgrade to Premium or order the occasional photo book.

For starters, the you get 50 times more free space in Myra Cloud than in Dropbox and if you need more, that’s cheaper too. Also, if you don’t want the whole world to see your private family pictures, then Dropbox might not be a good choice, as it’s scattered with “Share” buttons that no one is really sure how exactly works.

Facebook will decrease your photo quality to a level where it is unusable for print. Myra Cloud will not decrease your photo quality at all and you will maintain the original quality that the photo was shot in!

Good question. Google has a good offering with Google Photos, but if you are interested in storing full resolution photos at low cost, then Myra Cloud is the clear winner. You get 5 times more free space and when you run out, Myra Cloud is still about 3 times cheaper.

Another reason you might prefer Myra Cloud is that Google Photos is just so feature heavy that it is very slow and seems no longer to be about your photos. Myra Cloud is focused on giving a FAST browsing experience, even on low end laptops.

Not today, but very soon. Videos are not the main focus of Myra Cloud, but we will definitely support uploading videos, playing them back and downloading them again.

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