Save your photos in the cloud

Instead of keeping them on your computer which may crash or be lost along with your precious memories

Never delete another memory

Struggling to choose which memories to delete when you run out of space? Never again with Myra Cloud.

Enough space

Get enough space for 10,000 Full HD photos for free and upgrade to our affordable premium subscription for more space.

Safe and private

  • This is not a social networking site
  • It is for you to store your own photos
  • Your photos are kept private just for you

Feature Comparison

1. One-Way Backup

Supported by Myra Cloud.

iCloud and Dropbox offers “sync” functions which deletes your photos from the cloud, when you delete them from your device. Be careful!

Myra Cloud iCloud Dropbox
2. Enough Free Space

Myra Cloud gives you 100 GB for free

iCloud gives you 5 GB for free and Dropbox gives you a measly 2 GB for free.

Myra Cloud iCloud Dropbox
3. Cheaper Extra Space

Myra Cloud offers 1TB extra for $1 per month

iCloud costs $5 per TB per month and Dropbox costs a whopping $10 per month.

Myra Cloud iCloud Dropbox
4. Fast Browsing Experience

Myra Cloud is insanely fast!

iCloud and Dropbox are very feature rich and the downside of that is that it’s relatively slow and complicated.

Myra Cloud iCloud Dropbox
5. Private and Safe

Both iCloud and Dropbox offer easy sharing features – too easy, in our opinion. Myra Cloud is designed NOT to offer sharing features, so you are always sure all your photos are kept 100% private.

Myra Cloud iCloud Dropbox
6. Not Feature Rich

Myra Cloud does not have a lot of features. It is what it is and it means it is fast and easy to use. That’s how we prioritize.

Myra Cloud iCloud Dropbox

Always stored in original resolution

Myra Cloud always stores your photos in the ORIGINAL resolution but also makes thumbnails to make your browsing experience as fast as possible.